20+ B Corp Companies to Brighten Your Workday

Think about the coffee shop where you grab your coffee or tea during the workday. Does the company running it share your values? You probably don’t know whether the worker handing over your drink makes a living wage, or if the shop prioritizes sustainability. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to find out: Use B Lab’s searchable B Corp directory to check whether the shop is a Certified B Corp.

Certified B CorporationAs part of our B Corp Month celebration in March, our team at The FruitGuys did just that. We used B Lab’s directory to find B Corps in eleven major cities around the country. If you work in one of those cities, these are ethical, sustainable spots to grab a coffee, meet up with coworkers for lunch or after-work drinks, learn about new programs for your office, buy workplace necessities, and more. 

Before we dive into the list, though, let’s talk about B Corp Certification and what it means for a business to be B Corp Certified. 

What is a B Corp?

B Corps are for-profit businesses that meet the highest standards of independently verified social and environmental performance, accountability, and public transparency. The nonprofit B Lab is responsible for the certification, and it only awards it to companies that pass through a rigorous examination of employee benefits, charitable giving, supply chain sustainability, and more. The FruitGuys is a certified B Corp, as are all of the companies on the list below. (You can see The FruitGuys’ B Impact Score from B Lab here.)

B Corps Near You

If you work in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Salt Lake, San Francisco, or Seattle, then you’re in luck! Those cities are hubs for The FruitGuys, so we used B Lab’s searchable B Corp directory to find B Corp Certified businesses nearby that may make your workday a bit brighter. Here are a few of them. 

Atlanta: Get your caffeine fix from Dancing Goats Coffee, and consider partnering with Goodr or CompostNow to reduce food waste in your office. 

Boston: Schedule your next lunch meeting at Boloco or Luke’s Lobster. Consider making your office greener with help from Green City Growers.

Chicago: Decorate for an office party with balloons from Luft Balloons. Or, celebrate a coworker’s life milestone with flower delivery from Flowers for Dreams.

Dallas: Stop by Opening Bell Coffee or Soiree Coffee Bar to try Counter Culture Coffee. You can also add local flavor to your office happy hour with Altos Planos sustainable tequila.

Denver: Unwind at Chook Chicken on your lunch break. You can also consider working with Free Range Beehives to support pollinators in your workplace.

Los Angeles: Sip a latte from Groundwork Coffee Holdings LLC or Stumptown Coffee Roasters on your way to the office. Then, grab lunch with coworkers at the Erewhon cafe.

Philadelphia: Snag a healthy lunch from Simply Good Jars or Just Salad, then raise a glass with your team after work at Triple Bottom Brewing

Phoenix: Bring sustainable drinking water to your workplace with hydropanels from SOURCE Global, PBC. Or, slip-on activewear from Sportique for your lunchtime workout.

Salt Lake: Boost your wellness with supplements from Ridgecrest Herbals and stay energized at work with drink mixes from Bobelo.

San Francisco: Grab a cup of coffee before work at Equator Coffees or Linea Caffe. Then, pick up lunch at Bi-Rite Market.

Seattle: Load your work gear into a Tom Bihn backpack or travel bag, grab a breakfast pastry from Grand Central Bakery, and plan Friday drinks with your coworkers at Westland Distillery.

Find Your B Corp Neighbors

B Corp PearGuys LogoDon’t see your city listed, or want to learn about all of the ethical businesses in your area? Visit B Lab’s searchable B Corp directory to find B Corp Certified businesses near you. Supporting your local B Corps is a great way to celebrate B Corp Month. 

The business list above is for informational purposes only. The FruitGuys is not affiliated with any of the companies listed. FruitGuys President Erik Muller has a personal connection with Bi-Rite Market that did not influence its inclusion. 

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