A Fruit Surprise October 29, 2007

This story cracks me up every time. . .

My daughter walks into the kitchen, holding a chess board. “Dad, can you play chess with me?” Surprised, I say: “Sure, do you know how to play chess?” Her six-year-old face twists and her eyes roll in a gimmie-a-break kind of way. “Of course I know how to play chess,” she says. “Okay,” I reply and begin to follow her into the living room. As we walk, she yells: “Hey everybody, come on, we’re gonna play chess with Dad. I get to be the goalie!!”

At The FruitGuys our fruit selection for the Harvest Flyer & Organic Crates is like playing chess with a surprise goalie. Or for those Calvin and Hobbes fans out there, like Calvin Ball (how can anyone strike out if they’ve already touched 14th base?). For example, the Fuyu Persimmon. Many people who have experienced persimmons only know the Fuyu’s cousin, the Hachiya Persimmon. The Hachiya is an orange, acorn-shaped fruit that cannot be eaten firm as it would be too astringent. The Fuyu, on the other hand, can be consumed both firm and soft. You can tell the Fuyu Persimmon by its bright-orange color, leafy top, and squat appearance. Although I don’t usually recommend peeling fruit because that’s where many nutrients reside, you can peel the Fuyu persimmon if you, like many people, find its naturally waxy exterior too tough. Another great way to eat it is to cut out wedges and share with friends. The taste will be a very fall flavored mix of light nutmeg and pumpkin spice flavor. Erik, our COO, and triathlete madman says that he eats the Fuyu for the wonderful aftertaste. “It leaves your mouth refreshed like cantaloupe sorbet.”

These Fuyu’s come from our hero farmer Torrey at Gabriel Farms near Sebastopol. We’ve had many different pears and apples and now persimmons from his ranch this year. Thanks to Torrey for growing such great fruit!

Check out the section on our site that explains what each fruit is: https://fruitguys.com/office-fruit-delivery/this-weeks-mix

Enjoy and be fruitful! – Chris Mittelstaedt chiefbanana@fruitguys.com

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