From Bacon Broccoli Bites

Capay Valley FarmShares Member Jay Edwards on Why He Loves His FarmShare

I love my Farmshare because it’s turned me from being mostly carnivorous to a solid omnivore, even dabbling in vegetarianism. Unlike most people, my parents never told me I had to finish my vegetables. French fries and mac-and-cheese were common side items growing up. I can’t remember even trying a non-canned, green vegetable until I was 17 years old, and that was a basket of bacon broccoli bites dipped in ranch dressing.

Needless to say, incorporating unprocessed, plant-based foods into my diet has always been a challenge. In my 20s, I learned to appreciate a few vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, and green beans. I even developed a taste for fresh fruits beyond using them as a topping on an ice cream sundae. Still, most of my meals were handed to me from someone on the other side of a drive-through window. By the time my metabolism and I reached our 30s, it became clear that my eating habits were taking a toll on my health. I began incorporating more plants into my diet, but I wasn’t very adventurous in the types of fruits and vegetables I’d buy. I had my four or five favorites and pretty much stuck to them.

Everything changed once I began receiving my Farmshares. Each week is a new adventure because there’s always an item or two I’ve never tried before. Previously, I’d only heard of leeks. Last week, I cooked a pot of potato leek soup that would rival Europe’s greatest chefs. A year ago, I’d never heard of a persimmon. Last night, I cooked an amazing persimmon and granny smith apple tart. My appetite for plant-based foods has expanded so much, I now boast 2-3 vegetarian days a week. My taste buds and my waistline are both very thankful.

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