FruitGuy Noir in Peachy Keen

Nick fell into my office crying like an Italian sub forced onto sprouted wheat that had run aground on Mixed Metaphor Island. “Fire all morta-della-pedos!” he shouted in meat panic. He was in withdrawal. I threw water in his face but missed and soaked the cardboard I had glued over the hole in my window from the week before. Rule number 586 – don’t nail shag-carpet samples to glass no matter how much you want the building across the street to look like it has a beard. “I need something rich and fulfilling and. . . hardy,” he moaned. He was trying to eat healthier. It was hard staying away from the foot long Hoagies, grinders or subs that sang high caloric melodies at 11:30 am and performed through the end of the day.

I grabbed his collar. “You can do this!” I shouted in Latin. He looked at me, stunned. “Look, Nick just focus on doing a little something good for yourself every day.” He was coming around. I reached for the FruitGuys box and pulled out a peach. “We’re getting into summer now and you’re going see two kinds of peaches in the next few weeks: white peaches and yellow peaches.” He nodded.

“White peaches are generally less acidic than yellow peaches. In peaches, the key to understanding the experience of sugar has to do with acid. Yellow and white peaches may contain the same amount of sugar; but because the white peach has less acid it will taste sweeter. Yellow peach varieties with higher acid content have a more traditional sweet-tart flavor. Today there are also yellow varieties called “sub-acid” which have less acid in them and thus provide a “sweeter” eating experience. These sub-acid varieties (as well as white peaches) can be eaten when not fully ripe and still taste sweet. Traditional yellow varieties need to ripen for their acid to dissipate and their wonderful classic peach taste to bloom properly.” Nick smiled, opened his mouth and lunged for my hand. I put the peach between his teeth. Mouth and case closed.

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Enjoy & Be Fruitful!

– Chris Mittelstaedt

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