How TakeHome Helps a Mom

One mom wrote to us last week about our TakeHome Fruit & Veggie case.


My name is Beth M. and I’ve been a customer of The FruitGuys for about 2-3 months. I wanted to say Thank You for offering this service as it helps me with my quest of healthy and safe eating for my son!   Here’s my story, in short:

I have ”¨a 3 year old son that has life threatening allergies to most foods that you and I would eat! He is allergic to Milk (all dairy ingredients), Soy, Eggs and Peanuts.  He is anaphylactic to all of these allergens and even a small amount ingested could ”¨result in death. He cannot eat pre-packaged foods as they are not safe.   Therefore, ”¨about   two years ago I had resulted to making almost all of my meals for the family ”¨from scratch! Using only organic products and produce. Produce has been the one life-saving food ‘group’ that we know he can eat safely, and we go through ”¨it very fast!   It is costly (for organic) and time consuming for me to buy at the grocery ”¨store and at times, I question the quality of the produce. With The FruitGuys ”¨I have a peace of mind with the produce being pure and organic, and I do not feel ”¨like I’m being charged a ridiculous amount of money for quality food.   We look ”¨forward to our shipment every other week, and so does my son! The “briefcase” of produce is laid open on our kitchen table and my son helps me empty it and ”¨put the  fruits and veggies in the  fridge. He loves doing this!!   We play games ”¨with what color an item is, the shape and he learns new fruits and/or veggies.

So in ”¨short, I just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ for the service you  provide, ”¨and the quality of your fruits and vegetables! And Thank You in helping me keep ”¨my son safe!

I received ”¨my shipment this morning and I’m already coming up with ideas for lunches and ”¨dinners for the next few days!

Again, Thank ӬYou!

Beth M.
Vienna, VA

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