Satsuma Poetry Palooza, October 24, 2005

It happens once a year, and boy is it exciting. When the Satsumas come out, I make a point to wear orange knickers to the office and speak in verse all day long. Yes, it is the annual Satsuma Zooma fest. A fruit based poetry slam that churns through a metaphorical blender here at The FruitGuys to produce a smackin smoothie of fruit love. It also seems to coincide with the annual employee meeting when everyone reminds me that haiku is a weapon when misused.

Ode to the Satsuma!

The Satsuma makes me Zooma.
Happy when I peel it I might just hum a toona or clap my hands and make a booma.
When I get that sweet, crisp shot of tart and tangy Satsuma,
so juicy and sweet and quick to please between my cheek and guma, I feel I could run just like a puma.
In a daze of citrus joy, I reverse its high degree and refer to it as magna laude cuma.
It won’t make you fuma’,
or lose your sense of huma’,
now go out and spread the tasty word of the Satsuma ruma.
Like I said, sweet and tangy it makes you zooma!

Satsumas are sweet and will only get sweeter as the fall progresses. Plus as the weeks move forward we will bring in the Satsumas with stem and leaf still attached, so look for those as November arrives. The Satsumas are seedless and super easy to peel. Just stick your thumb in the bottom of the fruit and gently break the skin (there is a small natural divot at the bottom). Then peel easily and eat the wedges.

Enjoy and be fruitful! – Chris Mittelstaedt

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