Will I Get Plastic in My Box?

Here at The FruitGuys, we work hard to make sustainable choices. We started packing our farm-fresh fruit in reusable boxes printed with water-based inks and constructed of approximately 75% post-consumer cardboard. Our goal is to use compostable and reusable packaging, but certain delicate items like berries are packed in rigid, recyclable plastic to protect them during transport and delivery. Other items (usually those with multiple pieces, such as grapes), are delivered in recyclable plastic bags.

The FruitGuys boxes are available for pick-up and reuse in some areas. Leave your box out the day of your delivery, and the driver will return it to our warehouse when your new box is dropped off. If you’re having any trouble getting your boxes picked up, or if you’re not sure if box pick-ups are available in your area, email info@fruitguys.com or call customer service at 1-877-FRUIT-ME (877) 378-4863), and we’ll be happy to assist you.

If our Box Return program is unavailable in your area, the fruit boxes may be recycled or reused. The large boxes make a handy storage box for file folders. They’re the perfect size! Our boxes are designed to be easy-to-carry and easy on the environment. The boxes with dividers are great for packing delicate items like cups, knickknacks, or ornaments.

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