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How We Help You Grow a Healthy Company

office fruit delivery

The FruitGuys fruit inspires your people and helps them stay healthy and excited about your company's mission. We help thousands of successful companies inspire employees every week and grow healthy workplaces. Our program works. Morale and productivity will go up and absenteeism will go down. Read about the ROI of our program in our White Paper.

Here's How It Works

1. Farm-Fresh Fruit

Our national network of small farms and vendors provides delicious organic and conventional fruit straight from the orchard to you.

2. Selected for You

Our buyers select the best tasting and most unique fruit in each region. Our quality-control process ensures that you get only the best—crisp, delicious apples and pears, sweet bananas, succulent oranges, plus seasonal favorites such as berries, peaches, and grapes. When fruit arrives at our warehouse, sometimes just hours from the field, it's carefully inspected—and tasted!—to meet our exacting standards. Then we hand-pack your order and inspect each piece of fruit for quality and ripeness.

3. Delivered When You Need It

We deliver fruit to your office when and how often you need it, Monday through Friday. Free delivery to most major metropolitan locations in the continental U.S.

4. Smiley Faces

Your team members will eat our yummy fruit and find themselves with renewed energy and productivity. They will thank you. Junk food consumption will go down. Happiness will abound. Smiley faces all around. And our legendary 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will keep you smiling.

But There's More...

Billing Your Way

Consolidated billing to multiple locations? Purchase order billing? Credit cards? Terms? We can do it all.

Need Something Special?

Need a customized box? Extra boxes for crunch time? Fruit signage? Nutrition education materials? We do it all with a smile.


We can customize and co-brand a memorable gift that is also organic, healthy, and environmentally friendly.  Learn more about our gift program.


A real live person in California always answers our phones. We can work with every budget. Call 1-877-FRUIT-ME (378-4863). Or email

How to Order

Order Fruit for Your Office


What Kind of Fruit Mix Should You Order?

We offer two fruit mixes in organic and conventional: the Staples, a mix of apples, bananas, and oranges with seasonal varieties and an occasional surprise fruit; and the Harvest, our most popular mix and broadest array of seasonal and specialty fruit. You can visit our Mix Pages to see what kind of fruit is in these boxes each week. Mix contents vary due to weather conditions and seasonality.

What Size Box Do You Need?

What's right for your office? Fill out our inquiry form or contact us at or 1-877-FRUIT-ME and we can recommend the right box for you. We offer both organic and conventional fruit mixes.

How Often Should I Have It Delivered?

You can set up a standing order and schedule it to come every week, every day, every other week, once a month, or on a schedule of your choosing. Standing orders save time and are easy to put on hold. Want to try us out? Schedule a one-time order. We think you will be back for more. Are you a big business with multiple locations? We can provide a custom schedule and quote for you. We deliver nationwide Monday-Friday. Orders received by 10 a.m. Monday-Thursday can be delivered the following business day. Order yours today!

Why Call?

We are a high-touch business that believes in personal relationships. Some of our customers have been with us since the 20th century! A quick phone call will make sure you get exactly what you want, when you need it, within your budget. Your 100% satisfaction is our mission.

Our Ripening Standards

In order to satisfy as many different tastes as possible, we aim to deliver fruit on the "breaking" end of ripeness. This means that a perfect FruitGuys banana is slightly yellowish with green tips; a pear is firm with hints of softening; and the flesh of a peach is barely starting to give. Some people like their fruit firm while others like it very soft and ripe. By delivering fruit at the beginning stages of ripeness, we hope to satisfy everyone's tastes and reduce any potential shipping bruising. We can provide flyers on how to know when fruit is ripe and tips on ripening fruit to your liking.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If ever there is a problem with your order, or you are not happy with your fruit, we will issue you a credit or replace the damaged fruit—no questions asked. Call us at 1-877-FRUIT-ME or email

fruit gift basketSustainable Packaging and Box Pick-up

Your fruit is delivered in our patented eco-friendly crates and cases that are uniquely designed for reuse and made from approximately 75% post-consumer recycled cardboard and printed with water-based inks. In most areas, we can pick up your used boxes for reuse or recycling, just call 1-877-378-4863. Reuse your boxes for storing files and other items. Please always recycle.


You are not just buying fruit. Your business supports a nationwide network of small family farms and our GoodWorks program, which donates hundreds of thousands of pounds of produce to local food pantries and soup kitchens each year. Get involved: our Donate-A-Crate program lets you forward your fruit to a local charity during holiday weeks in lieu of canceling your order. And our nonprofit, The FruitGuys Community Fund, provides grants to small farms for environmental and economic sustainability projects.

Nutrition Education

Want to educate your employees about a healthy diet? We can provide beautifully designed, workplace-friendly flyers and posters to prompt healthy snack choices, easy office exercises, and fruit and nutrition education. Want a lunch-and-learn event? Call us at 1-877-FRUIT-ME and we can build a plan for your workplace.