A Pixie Celebrates The FruitGuys 25th Anniversary

One day, Pixie Tangerine, better known as Minnie of Who, or Who for short, was enjoying a Thursday, thinking about today being today and not tomorrow or yesterday.  

As Who was tapping their rind gently considering calendars and the mess they had made of things, it occurred to them that while today was like other todays, if one counted backwards 25 years, today, February  16, would be the first day of The FruitGuys deliveries of fresh fruit to offices. This must be what they call an “anniversary day,” Who thought happily. 

Minnie the Who, having thought what felt like an important thought, wondered now where the other creatures of the 100-acre orchard might be and if they would celebrate together? When-Roo should be bouncing along on a schedule; Where-Rabbit might be looking for an important place to be; Why-Eor could be talking about something that was missing; How-Owl would be reciting instructively; and even the slightly-startling What-a-Lump, bothersome to those who didn’t quite know what it was, should be coming over the horizon soon.  

Minnie the Who waited and watched the sun climb up the sky. “They must be busy,” Who said rather sadly and waited a few more moments before deciding decidedly.  “Yes. That’s it. Bother. Well,  I think I’m on my own for today.”  And Who wondered if they could have adventures on The FruitGuys 25th anniversary without When, Where, What, Why and How.

Who went to their house, entering the door under the name of Tangerine, of course, and went down into the archives. Here they found the landing page that described the early history of The FruitGuys for any that were interested.  

“And were there more adventures later too?” Who asked me, your humble narrator.

“Yes, there have been,” said I.

“What was the dot com exactly,” Who asked.  “It is a period and half a comma?”

“Sort of,” said I, “but less so.”

“And what was COVID?”

“A very difficult time,” said I.  “You can listen to the story if you like.” 

“And did you really go on TV in a banana suit?”

“Well, yes but it was a very long time ago.  Now Who, let’s look for your friends as I think they have something for you”

Who tumbled out of the house and there, in front of the door were Who’s friends.  

“It’s The FruitGuys 25th year-day!” they all said excitedly as they broke into song:

Thank you Who!
For who you are, 
Our friend and family near and far!

Twenty five years
It seems so long,
But day by day we sing this song:

Tum, tum, tittle-um,
tittle-um too!
Each day we celebrate fruit with you!

“Excuse me,” Minnie the Who said to me.

“Yes Who?”

“Can you please tell all of your customers, friends, vendors, family, FruitGuys staff and fans, Thank you from me?”

“Of course, Who,” said I.

Thank you for allowing us to be in service to you on this great fruit adventure across the years of what, when, where, why, and how that has defined The FruitGuys “Who” for the last quarter century.

And with that, it’s time I say:  Have a lovely and fruitful day!

Enjoy and be fruitful!

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