As The World Tilts

Time for this year’s installment of that Fall classic:
“As The World Tilts”

(SCENE: FADE IN – A FruitGuys crate sits on an office kitchen counter;
orange-bristly sunlight streams in through the window)

Scarlet Peach: “Rhett Bartlett, my pear.”
Rhett Bartlett: “Yes, my peach.”
Scarlet Peach: “I’m weaker now than before and. . .”
Rhett Bartlett: “Don’t speak my peach for fall is fast upon us and you will bruise too easily and your sugar will grow weaker and weaker.”
Scarlet Peach: “I have only a short time left. Rhett, when I’m gone, will you find another?”
Rhett Bartlett: “Um, well—it has already happened.”

(CUE MUSIC – Dramatic organ music crescendos)

Scarlet Peach: “Rhett. How could you?”
Rhett Bartlett: “You are more mature than I, and I need someone in my same season. Gala is her name, and she’s an apple.”
Scarlet Peach: “She’s, dare I say it, crunchy.”

Announcer: “Tune in to The FruitGuys regional mix pages to find out what will happen as the late peaches begin to fade away. Will Bartlett pears, along with French Butter, Bosc, Comice, Honey Crisp apples and other fall fruits, become the new, fresh and influential characters in next season’s “As The World Tilts? Go to the and click on the ladybug to find out.”

Enjoy and be fruitful!

– Chris Mittelstaedt

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