Exchanging Summer for “Sha-na-na-na-na” Fall

The first time I traveled out of the United States, I remember going into a bank with my parents to change money. This was sometime in the 80s when you still had to go to a bank or currency exchange kiosk to convert dollars into pounds, francs, pesetas, or pesos, long before the age of worldwide ATMs that today make this transaction immediate. But something was exciting in the slower exchange; it was a way to force acknowledgment that you weren’t at home anymore.

Our busy and immediate lives make it harder to recognize and savor the changes that are happening around us every day. Luckily, nature (and in some cases Youtube) reminds us that life is in constant flux as is the case now with the passage into Fall. You can see it in the changing light, the kids going back to school, and even experience it with 70s fringe jackets in that timeless Early fall changes are beginning to affect fruit availability and bring in new varieties. Don’t be alarmed ladies and gentlemen, it’s just part of the growth cycle, like Peter’s voice. So what can you expect as we say goodbye to summer peaches and nectarines and dive into the fall fruit of September and October? Rebecca North, FruitGuys superwoman and farm direct buyer says we’ll have new and fresh varieties of apples, pears, and even passion fruit and feijoas. We’ll have Autumn Royal Grapes (which have a natural “bloom” on them). Chow.com notes that bloom is a waxy substance that the grape plant produces to protect its fruit from moisture loss.) Take a look at our website’s mix pages to see what is in your crate this week.

See your regional fruit mix here.
Enjoy and be fruitful!  – Chris Mittelstaedt chiefbanana@fruitguys.com

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