Road-Trip Dreams

During Spring Break one year, we road-tripped up to Seattle. Wildflowers, lush green pastures, and snow-dusted mountains filled the windows of our car as we roll north on I-5.

My son looked up from the window and asked, “Is Tarzan king of the Jungle or King Kong?” It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves in one form or another at some point in our lives. It reminded me of the natural human instinct to compare, “Is the Pixie tangerine sweeter than the clementine? Are blueberries more flavorful than strawberries?” Read on to see how our fantastic fruit buyers respond to these kinds of questions. One more parting word of road-trip wisdom from my son, “If any dreams have cake in them, it might be a prophecy.”

Enjoy and be fruitful!

Can You Compare Tangerines to Clementines?

Pixies have cast a spell on our west coast buyer who claims that the tangerines are the sweetest, most delicious pieces of citrus in your box this week. Meanwhile, on the east coast, the organic clementines take the prize. One thing is certain: the citrus season is winding down, so take some time this week to enjoy and compare your flavorful citrus varieties.
As spring approaches you will start to see some berry-exciting additions in your mix. Sink your teeth into Californian strawberries on the west coast and Floridian blueberries on the east coast. These signs of spring are packed with cancer-fighting anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, and fiber. Pop a few of these sweet treats while you are booting up your computer or grab a handful to re-energize and meet that deadline in the afternoon. Don’t be shy, dig in, and enjoy these berry-licious treats!

Check out the section on our site that describes the fruit varieties — variety changes by region.

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