Why Employee Appreciation Gifts Matter in 2023

If your company budget is tight this holiday season, it might feel difficult to justify spending money on gifts for employees. Historically, worker perks are among the first to go when companies lean down—but a September 2023 survey from Snappy offers compelling reasons why employee appreciation gifts are worth investing in. 

Snappy’s partner Propeller Insights surveyed more than 1,500 workers and found that holiday gifts from their employers are key for job satisfaction, retention, and more

Here are five data-backed benefits to giving thoughtful gifts (like The FruitGuys fruit and snack gift baskets) to your team this holiday season.  

#1 Scratch the Appreciation Itch

A 2022 OnePoll survey for Bonusly found that 63% of workers feel unappreciated by their employers on a daily basis. That’s a problem worth fixing, both because you care about your employees’ well-being and because when workers feel valued, they’re less likely to quit. Nearly 50% of OnePoll’s respondents reported leaving a job because they didn’t feel appreciated.

A holiday gift is a great way to show your team you feel grateful for their hard work. Propeller Insights found 57% of workers take holiday gifts as “a sign of their employer’s gratitude and appreciation.” That’s fantastic news, especially for companies with remote workers! A 2023 Buffer survey discovered that career growth is one of that demographic’s biggest concerns, and 37% felt unrecognized by company leadership. 

#2 Boost Company Loyalty

Propeller Insights discovered 78% of employees feel more satisfied with their jobs after getting holiday gifts. Even better, those positive feelings have a “halo effect” that improves their impression of the company long after the gift is unwrapped and eaten. For 35% of respondents, that halo effect lasts 3-6 months. 

Pretty amazing, right? The halo effect can enhance the other benefits on this list, and might even make your team more receptive to policy changes (like a return to office) next year. 

#3 Increase Retention

No surprise here—when employees feel appreciated and loyal to their company, they’re more likely to stay. The opposite is true, too! Propeller Insights asked workers how they would feel if they didn’t get a holiday gift from their company this season, and 31% said it would “nudge them toward exploring new job opportunities.” 

#4 Enhance Productivity

It might sound crazy that something as simple as a gift could make your team more productive, but it’s true. When Propeller Insights asked, 65% of workers said they would put more effort into their work if they felt recognized and appreciated by their managers (a key benefit of gifts). 

For an added productivity boost, consider buying holiday gifts that feature fresh fruit, like our Fruit Lovers Gift. Sustained energy and focus are key to productivity, and consuming fruits and vegetables helps people experience curiosity, motivation, and engagement, according to a study by the British Psychological Society.

#5 Avoid Employee Disappointment

Last but not least, Propeller Insights learned that 75% of workers hope to unwrap presents from their employers during the 2023 holiday season. Those are high expectations — and the last thing you want is to let down valuable team members. 

Fruit & Snack Gift
The FruitGuys’ Fruit & Snack Gift

With all of these numbers in mind, you can see why employee appreciation gifts matter so much!

Ready to start shopping, but not sure where to buy employee appreciation gifts? You can unlock all of these benefits and more by shopping with The FruitGuys. Propeller Insights found employees prefer thoughtful gifts that support small, minority-owned, and/or eco-friendly businesses, and our gifts filled with farm-fresh fruit and snacks from mission-minded brands check all of those boxes. 

This blog was originally published on Dec. 1, 2023, by Lex Flamm. It was updated by Lex Flamm on April 12, 2024. 

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