The FruitGuys 20-Year Impact Report Highlights

The FruitGuys, the nation’s leader in providing farm-fresh fruit and other healthy, thoughtful snacks to the American workplace, released its 20-year Impact Report summarizing its efforts to feed the hungry, support small farms and environmental stewardship, and create healthier workplaces.

Family owned and operated, The FruitGuys pioneered the office fruit concept in 1998. Today, the company is the #1 fresh fruit delivery service in the U.S., providing thousands of companies and millions of people with farm-fresh fruit and healthy snacks each week. Since its founding, the company has chosen to donate imperfect fruit rather than sell it on a secondary market.

“The FruitGuys recognized from the beginning that low-income consumers and small farmers were both marginalized by a corporate food system and that by creating a united movement as a business we could do more to drive positive change,” said Sheila Cassani, The FruitGuys GoodWorks Ambassador.

The FruitGuys GoodWorks Program makes weekly fruit donations of thousands of pounds of fresh fruit to 16 partner organizations across the U.S. that feed the hungry. The non-profit The FruitGuys Community Fund supports small farms with grants for sustainable agriculture projects such as solar power, beehives, pollinator plantings, and hoop houses.

“We are deeply grateful to our customers who believe in our mission and have allowed us to support small farms and give back to our communities,” said Chris Mittelstaedt, The FruitGuys founder, and chief executive officer. “Our 20-year Impact Report is the result of their support of our GoodWorks Program and The FruitGuys Community Fund.”

Impact Report Highlights:

Donations that Feed the Hungry:

  • 15 million servings of fresh fruit
  • 16 charity partners for weekly fruit donations across the country
  • 100,000 servings donated to disaster victims and first responders

family house fruit donations

Farm Sustainability Grants:

  • 70 farm grants: 84% owned by women and/or people of color
  • $275,000 to empower small American farms and support sustainable agriculture projects
  • One of the only micro-grant programs available to farmers in the U.S.

farmer in field


  • 200+ small farm partners and suppliers across the U.S.
  • 75% of farm partners have worked with us 5 years or more
  • tens of millions of servings of fruit and snacks purchased

two farmers in field


  • 250 million pieces of fruit eaten by employees
  • Clients have forwarded 260,000 servings of fruit to local charities through the Donate-A-Crate Program
  • Clients have volunteered 200+ hours on The FruitGuys Community Fund annual Grant Review Committee

Customers dressed up as the FruitGuys and as FruitGuys fruit.

Read the full 20-Year Impact Report.

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