It’s a Stretch

Doing it right is the key to stretching benefits By Rebecca Taggart Stretching helps create fitness and ensure a healthy body through better posture, balance, and flexibility. When your muscles are stretched, your joints have a greater range of motion, be it at the hip, the shoulder, the knee, or the spine. But recent research [...]

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Flu Prevention Tips

at home sick

Wash Your Hands! By Pia Hinckle We’re all a little on edge about communicable diseases these days. Even if there is no reason for the vast majority of us to fear Ebola, we could all do with a little remedial education on preventing less singular diseases, like the flu. Fall heralds the beginning of the flu [...]

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Save Your Knees!


What you can do to protect your knees By Jonanna Widner Consider the knee. It allows you to run, walk, climb stairs, dance, swim, and generally get around in style. This is because it’s made up of bone, cartilage, ligaments, fluid, muscles, and tendons, all working together to give you the gift of mobility. Ironically, [...]

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Eat Like a Viking


The New Nordic Diet combines ancient food traditions with modern notions of health and sustainability By Sage Friedman You may associate Nordic food with IKEA, Swedish meatballs, and fish cakes but the food promoted in the New Nordic Diet is the polar opposite. Close in spirit to the Mediterranean Diet, the New Nordic Diet was [...]

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Powerhouse Foods Rule

Get to Know the Most Nutrient-Dense Fruits and Veggies By Maggie McLain You can’t escape hearing about “superfoods,” whether its in the media or in the shopping aisles. From locally-grown blueberries and kale to imports like acai or coconut oil, we are constantly being marketed foods that are said to be somehow superior to all [...]

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Are You Off Balance?


How to Use the Wellness Wheel to Balance your Mind, Body & Spirit By Sandra Smit Annie Neely, an active single mom, is in top physical form. She runs almost every day, bikes to work, and eats a balanced diet jam-packed with fruits and vegetables. Despite her active lifestyle, Annie often feels tired and anxious. [...]

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Playground Workouts


Turn the Playground into Your New Gym By Jonanna Widner Psst. Looking for a place that has the equipment to get you fit—without the gym fees? Look no farther than your local playground. An exercise routine that incorporates your local playground has a number of benefits. It costs nothing, gets you out of the gym [...]

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Core Principles


Your Abdominal Core is the Key to Good Posture By Miriam Wolf Everyone wants a nipped-in waist and rock-hard abdominal muscles. But the benefits of doing core exercises aren’t only—or even mostly—about vanity. Building strong core muscles can improve your posture and reduce lower back pain. “Core” muscles are the network of muscles around your [...]

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Squeezing the Truth Out of Juice Cleanses

A Dietitian Tries an All-Juice “Cleanse” (So You Don’t Have To) By Charlene Oldham When Wendie Schneider wrote a blog post about her plan to try an all-juice cleanse, some of her fellow dietitians who read it feared she’d seen one too many celebrity endorsements or perhaps planned to market her own cold-pressed concoction to [...]

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Open Water


Facing Fear and Getting to a One-Mile Swim By Pia Hinckle As I hopped off the dock and into the San Francisco Bay, I knew that swimming in the 56-degree water could trigger a rush of adrenaline and a primitive, almost unbearable fight-or-flight response. But I felt happy, not fearful. This was the moment I had [...]

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Hometown Health

Which City is the Fittest of Them All? By Miriam Wolf Wouldn’t it be great if instead of the fortunes of our local sports teams, we built our civic pride on the collective health of our hometown? Instead of a Superbowl or World Series made up of highly-paid elite athletes—most of whom were born and [...]

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Sun Smarts

Not all Sun Protection is Equal By Rebecca Taggart  I can still remember my mother slathering on sun tanning oil when I was a child, hoping I’d get a faster tan. These days, we know much more about the risks of sun exposure, such as premature skin aging, skin damage, and even skin cancer. But [...]

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The 20-Minute Workout


Even short exercise sessions have big benefits By Jonanna Widner Frenetic schedules are the norm these days, and everyone seems to struggle to find time to exercise. Don’t fall victim to the myth that proper workouts need to take up huge chunks of time and effort. Research strongly suggests that even 20 minutes of exercise a [...]

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Water and the Workday

Proper hydration is essential to good health, but how much is enough? By Mark Saltveit There are many documented advantages to proper hydration, and anecdotal but unproven bonuses that many swear by (including better skin, nails, and hair). It’s clear that proper hydration is essential to general health, which is not surprising considering that about [...]

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Why You Should Eat Like an Italian

Avocado with leaves on a white background

The Mediterranean Diet Can Help You Stay Healthy and Maintain Your Weight By Maggie McLain Do you enjoy homemade tomato sauces, olive oil, berries, and salads fresh from the garden? If so, you might already be eating the Mediterranean way. Unlike many other diets, the Mediterranean eating pattern focuses on what you can eat and [...]

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Inside the World of Chocolate

Dark chocolate

Cocoa Solids have Greatest Health Benefits By Rebecca Taggart Although word on the street is that chocolate is good for you, most people are a little sketchy on the details. Does all chocolate have health benefits? How much is enough? And what exactly are the benefits? For those of us who love chocolate, the latest [...]

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The Rub on Spices


Herbs and Spices Add More Than Just Flavor By Rebecca Taggart For thousands of years, spices have been sought after for their flavor, medicinal qualities, status, and novelty. And while spices no longer inspire the kind of exploration, trade, and wars they did in the 15th Century, researchers are now finding a different kind of [...]

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Sitting Pretty: Ergonomic Essentials for the Computer-Obsessed and Others


By Rebecca Taggart For me, the word ergonomics has always called to mind carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain.  But what does it mean exactly? The science of ergonomics finds the best fit between a person and the equipment she or he uses to maintain health and promote productivity.  When it comes to our desks [...]

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Sole Survivors


Developing Foot Strength for Functional Living By Susan Gerhard While “barefoot running” has become a fad phrase associated with spectacularly unattractive “five-fingered” shoes, it’s actually barefoot strengthening that will add the greatest benefits to your life. You may not be able to play the piano with your toes, but you may find your feet “useful” [...]

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A Sweaty Nooner

Industrial Run

How to Get in a Lunchtime Workout By Jonanna Widner Between commutes, errands, overtime, and just your regular ol’ 8-or-more-hours-a-day job, work days don’t allow for much free time, and that means it’s all too easy for people to skip weekday workouts. But you don’t have to be one of them. Got a lunch hour—or [...]

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Office Health Hero


5 Steps to Create Team Wellness By Sandra Smit Most of us spend more time in the office than at home so it’s no surprise that the workplace environment can play a big role in your health. For many this time is spent in sedentary hours sitting in a chair at your computer or in [...]

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From Chore to Joy

Two Female Friends Jogging On Street

How to Create a Fitness Habit for the New Year By Miriam Wolf Starting an exercise program is at the top of many people’s New Year’s resolutions list. And many of us will indeed dutifully start an exercise program on January 2. But how many of us will still be exercising come February? Or May? [...]

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Staying Up Late


How Safe Are Energy Drinks and Tonics? By Mark Saltveit I’m so tired of people telling me they’re so tired. We’re all tired, right? It’s a cyber speed world where we all work long hours, juggle family duties, and stay jacked into social media and Internet news around the clock. So it’s awfully seductive when [...]

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The Sunshine Vitamin

Золотая осень. autumn

Getting Enough Vitamin D in Winter By Rebecca Taggart As the days get shorter, we tend to spend more time indoors. Festive though they are, candles, holiday lights, and fireplaces can’t make up for the sunlight we lack this time of year. And the sun’s cheerful light and warmth aren’t the only things we miss [...]

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The Invisible Workout

Mature woman collecting leaves in garden

Sneak in Your Exercise this Holiday Season By Mark Saltveit With the crazy rush of shopping, cooking, and cleaning, plus all of the food and treats people share at home and in the office, the holiday season is a very difficult time to stay fit. Who has the time to work out? You do. If [...]

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Granny Was Right


Many Old-Fashioned Remedies are Backed by Newfangled Research By Jonanna Widner Surely you experienced it. Maybe you remember it fondly. Maybe it got on your nerves. But at some point during your childhood, chances are your grandmother—or Grammy, Gramma, Nana, Nonna, Bubby, or simply G-ma—used a remedy that didn’t come from a medicine cabinet to [...]

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Obituary: Lou Marcelli


 Bay Swimmer, Cook, & Philosopher By Pia Hinckle Lou “The Glue” Marcelli swam in San Francisco Bay every day for 70 years. He was the commodore and live-in caretaker of the city’s Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club, founded in 1877, where members swim year round without wetsuits. Marcelli died of lung cancer on October 16 [...]

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Shaking Up the Salt Debates

Salt on black background

Study Contradicts Decades of Sodium Recommendations By Miriam Wolf For decades, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health agencies have advised us to consume less sodium. Too much salt in our bodies causes high blood pressure and puts us at risk for heart disease, kidney disease, and other conditions. On average, [...]

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Is Tai Chi the New Yoga?


The slow, meditative martial art is gaining in popularity By Mark Saltveit Every Monday evening at 7:15pm in a Portland, OR, community center, instructor Mary Lang leads her students through the soothing movements of her ancient Eastern discipline while meditative music plays quietly in the background. They “gather energy” by breathing deeply, raising outstretched arms [...]

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Take It Inside


Fun Fitness For When The Weather Turns By Jonanna Widner Ah, fall, that lovely time of year when the leaves turn brilliant colors, the air smells crisp, and the autumnal light casts its enchanting glow. It’s a perfect time for a run, bike ride, or brisk walk. And then, all of a sudden, it’s cold, [...]

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The ‘Back-to-School’ Workout


Make Fitness Fun the Playground Way. By Susie Gerhard It’s fall, time to sharpen the number two pencils, pull the sweaters out of the closet, and — return to the office chair? While the pull of sedentary life is certainly strong as the days get shorter and we get back to school and work routines, [...]

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Are you Getting Enough Iron?

Iron Deficiency is Common Disorder. Here’s How to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough. By Rebecca Taggart Iron is the most abundant element on Earth, yet iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder both in the United States and the world, according to the World Health Organization. Iron is critical to our bodies’ ability to [...]

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Obstacle Races Can Be a Blast–If You Are Prepared By Jonanna Widner Tough Mudder. Warrior Dash. Savage Race. Perhaps you’ve heard of these and other events called “obstacle runs.” Instead of a traditional road course, obstacle runs have all sorts of monkey wrenches thrown in—participants must jump over fire pits, navigate live electrical wires, swim [...]

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When Teenagers Go Vegan


By Miriam Wolf “Mom, let’s go vegan.” These are words that can strike fear into any parent’s heart. I first heard them last fall from my 13-year-old daughter Sage. I blame the magazine VegNews, a publication that has been arriving at my house for several years, a hang-over from a previous career. The nation’s premiere [...]

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Bands on the Run

Woman Exercising With Resistance Bands

Fitness at Home or on the Road with Exercise Bands By Jonanna Widner A few years ago when I was living in Santa Fe, NM, I took a trip to my hometown of Fort Worth, TX. I had been lifting weights for about a year and had stuck to my regimen pretty religiously. I wasn’t [...]

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WWW: Warm Weather Workouts


How to Exercise Safely as Temperatures Rise By Miriam Wolf As spring gives way to summer and temperatures rise across the country, it’s natural to want to take our exercise routines outside. A bike ride in the sunshine, an afternoon hike, or a crisp morning run are the kinds of pleasures that define the season. [...]

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Weightlifting for Women


Resistance Training Builds Both Fitness and Self-Confidence By Miriam Wolf If you think weightlifting is only for Arnold Schwarzenegger acolytes who want to get really pumped up, think again. A good weight routine can provide benefits for everyone from teenage girls to 90-year-old grandmothers, including: Reduce your risk of osteoporosis Boost your metabolism so you [...]

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Eat Your Greens!

lacinato kale

By Rebecca Taggart Chances are you already know that dark, leafy greens are good for you, but are you eating enough of them? With report after report detailing their exceptional health benefits, there is good reason to eat greens every day: cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, cardiovascular health, anti-inflammatory benefits, antioxidant properties, nutrient richness, and more. [...]

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Take a Stability Ball Break

exercise ball

Office Micro-Workouts with a Stability Ball By Eileen Ecklund You find them everywhere—at the gym, in the office break room, and gathering dust in the corners of people’s homes. I’m talking about those big vinyl exercise balls, variously called stability balls, fitness balls, physioballs, and Swiss balls. Developed in the 1960s by a Swiss doctor [...]

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The Mediterranean Diet


Food That Can Save Your Life By Rebecca Taggart We have been told for two decades that eating like Italians, Spaniards, and Greeks is good for us, because epidemiological studies have shown that people from those Mediterranean countries have lower rates of heart disease. It was not possible, however, to tie those findings directly to [...]

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Soup for Cold Season

chicken noodle soup

Mom’s Chicken Soup Still Best Remedy By Eileen Ecklund This year’s flu season has been worse than usual, and even if you got your shot and have been taking care of yourself, a bug can still knock you down. Although there’s no real cure for viral colds or flu, certain foods can help bolster the [...]

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The Five Aspects of Fitness

woman exercising

Heart, Muscles, Joints, Bones, and Brain All Benefit By Rebecca Taggart  Fitness is about that wonderful feeling of exhilaration and power after a good workout.  Or is it?  Many of us equate fitness with the ability to run, swim, or bike a certain distance, make it through a 90-minute yoga or Zumba class, or perhaps [...]

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10 for 2013

stem and leaf tangerines

New Year, New Habits By Pia Hinckle Little lifestyle tweaks can add up to big changes in health, mood, and waistlines.  Instead of resolving to take on an intensive diet or exercise regime, why not keep it simple? Pick 5 habits to lose and 5 habits to start for 2013 and this time next year, [...]

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Walk This Way


Finding the Right Pedometer for You By Elizabeth Weinstein For years, scientists have touted 10,000 as the ideal quantity of daily steps you need to stay fit. But reaching that almost mythical number – which amounts to about five miles for most adults — can seem out of reach amid work, commutes, school, and life [...]

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How to Sit Less at Work

woman sitting at desk

Prolonged Sitting Puts Your Health at Risk By Rebecca Taggart You don’t have to qualify as a couch potato to be sitting too much. Most of us spend at least half of our day sitting: at our desks and computers, at meetings or in classrooms, in cars, on transit, and in front of TV and [...]

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Turmeric for Health

Turmeric root

Turmeric’s Benefits Get Scientific Boost By Elizabeth Weinstein As a child growing up in Chennai, India, Aarthi Narayanan remembers that whenever she felt sick, the first line of defense wasn’t found in the medicine cabinet — it was growing in the garden.  Narayanan’s grandmother plucked plants and herbs from the tropical trees and plants growing [...]

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Personal Trainer Primer

personal trainer

What You Should Ask By Pia Hinckle It used to be that personal trainers were only for the rich and famous. Today, they are everywhere, from chain gyms where trainers have long been available for extra cash to small independent fitness centers popping up in urban neighborhoods from San Francisco to New York. A personal [...]

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Drink the Leftovers


Try Juicing Fruit and Veggies By Rebecca North Just can’t eat your way through a whole box of fresh nutritious produce? Juicing is an easy and excellent way to provide the body with immense amounts of raw food full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Raw, unheated foods supply the body with exceptional natural enzymes, phytochemicals, [...]

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The Skinny on Fat

waist measurement bmi

Focus on Waist Reduction for Better Health By Pia Hinckle Not all fat is created equal. If you’ve a gained a few extra pounds, you should know that where you carry that weight could put you at greater risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Where to watch? Your waist. If you can pinch a good [...]

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Walking on the Job


Workplace Walking Clubs Can Improve Health & Productivity By Rebecca Taggart Aristotle and Steve Jobs both did it. Did what exactly? Walking at work. Walking is a great form of exercise, and a surprisingly good fit at work. Healthy employees save an organization both time and money. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), [...]

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Berry Nice

Mixed Organic Berries

Berries are Summer’s Antioxidant Powerhouses By Rebecca Taggart Summer is here, and with it the most delicious of all fruit: fresh berries. Be they strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries, berries evolved to be literally irresistible in order to spread their seeds. Taste alone is reason to indulge, but with berries you get to have your [...]

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Rethink Your Drink


Calories hidden in more drinks than soda By Pia Hinckle Have you gained a few pounds lately even though you’re watching what you eat? You may need to start paying more attention to what you drink. Sweetened beverages and coffee drinks add loads of empty calories to your day—and to your waistline. Enough that regular [...]

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How Sweet You Are

berries apples fruit

Understanding sugar in fruit By Rebecca Taggart Recently I overheard someone at the gym recommending green apples over red ones because they supposedly contain less sugar. This seemed a strange idea, since sugar in fruit isn’t like added sugar in processed foods, so I decided to dig deeper. Is sugar in fruit bad for us? [...]

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The Wonderful World of Alliums

Onions, Garlic, and Leeks Provide Many Nutritional Benefits By Rebecca Taggart There is nary a cuisine that doesn’t include allium vegetables. Onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, and scallions are all members of the Allium genus, and are fundamental to so many dishes that cooking without them would be challenging. Although rich in flavor, they seem to [...]

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Two Wheels to Work

bike to work

Safety is top concern for bicycle commute By Rebecca Taggart Riding a bike to work is great exercise, a green commute, and a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Biking can also reconnect us to the sights, smells, and sounds of a slower paced world. Yet biking means sharing the road with other vehicles and pedestrians, [...]

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Building A Strong Core


Yoga for Abdominal Fitness By Rebecca Taggart Bathing suit season is approaching, but that’s not the only reason to focus on your abdominal muscles. These muscles, part of our “core” around the pelvis, hips, and waist, bring stability and balance—keeping them strong is also important for preventing lower back pain and injuries. Tired of sit-ups [...]

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Lunch is the Gateway


9 Lunch Ideas to Improve your Diet By Rebecca Taggart Breakfast is touted as being the most important meal of the day, but lunch—be it a homemade sandwich or a restaurant meal—gives us the energy for the afternoon’s work as well as an often-needed break from the computer, sales floor, or meetings. Lunch is also [...]

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Ascend to Fitness: Indoor climbing is great exercise


By Rebecca Taggart Before the 1990s, rock climbers were relatively few and far between, either dedicated aficionados who lived near mountainous areas to pursue their passion or weekend warriors making long drives and taking a gamble on the weather. Twenty years later, the mountain has come to you, with specialized climbing gyms common even in [...]

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Spring Prospects after Mild Winter


First wave of spring vegetables begins By Rebecca Taggart Winter has been very mild this year for most of us who don’t live in Alaska. The general lack of snow and cold is attributable to unusual patterns in the Arctic and North Atlantic Oscillations, which have kept the jet stream more northerly than usual. The [...]

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Citrus Shown to Protect Against Many Diseases

Citrus fruit

The Power of Citrus By Rebecca Taggart Once upon a time in the Victorian era, citrus fruits were rare and expensive, a delicacy to be enjoyed only on special occasions. Earlier still, the presence of oranges or lemons literally could make the difference between life and death for sailors suffering from scurvy on long voyages. [...]

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Open the Door


Four Office Doorway Stretches By Rebecca Taggart Open the door to relieving stiffness by trying these four simple stretches, using any available doorway. These stretches are particularly good after a too-long session seated at your computer. These four stretches can be done in less than five minutes and help ease tension and relax muscle groups. [...]

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New Year, New Fitness Classes


Making Sense of Group Fitness By Rebecca Taggart The New Year brings with it our New Year’s hopes and resolutions.  If more exercise is on your list, why not try a new class at the gym to liven up your routine?  Zumba anyone? BodyPump? TRX? Whatever happened to weightlifting, ballet, and yoga, you may ask. [...]

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Breakfast May be Key to Weight Loss


The Most Important Meal By Rebecca Taggart Did you eat breakfast today? Some 90 percent of Americans say they believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet more than half report that they skip it at least once a week. And yet multiple studies have shown that people who eat [...]

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Which Yoga Fits Your Fitness Goals?


The Many Names of Yoga By Rebecca Taggart From Ashtanga to Viniyoga, there are a bewildering number of yoga classes out there: Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Anusara, Ashtanga, Flow, Viniyoga, Bikram, and many more.  What is the difference between these styles? Are they related? What can you expect in these classes?  Here we provide an overview [...]

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Try a Sauna for Relaxation and Well-Being


Sweet Sweat By Rebecca Taggart “Life without sauna seems to me impossible.” - Urho Kekkonen, former Prime Minister and longest-serving President of Finland The Finnish sauna has been around for thousands of years but only came to the United States relatively recently. While Americans used to look upon saunas with suspicion in the 1800s, when Finnish [...]

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Orange you Healthy?


Winter Squashes are Full of Good Stuff By Rebecca Taggart The orange of autumn is not only on trees: November is the peak season for winter squash.  Although remarkably varied in appearance, winter squashes share an orange-colored flesh rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. They are outstanding sources of Vitamin A, plus provide plenty of [...]

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Yoga Poses That Can Ease Holiday Overindulgences


Yoga for Digestion By Rebecca Taggart Nothing is more traditional than eating large festive meals, starting at Thanksgiving right on through New Year’s Eve. With the days getting colder and darker, we also tend to exercise less while we are eating more. Try the following restorative yoga poses to aid digestion after feasting, and to regain [...]

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Praising The Pear

Gorgonzola Stuffed Pear

A Pear A Day Keeps Sickness at Bay By Rebecca Taggart Apples have gotten such a good rap (“an apple a day keeps the doctor away”) that the closely-related pear, equally nutritious, should have its own aphorism: “A pear a day keeps sickness at bay.”  But pears are often overlooked as a handy snack. Both [...]

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How to Start a Running or Walking Routine

Running alone in Autumn fog

First Steps By Rebecca Taggart Fall is here with its bright colors and cooler temperatures, and is a great time to be outdoors.  Although New Year’s Day is the traditional time to start a new fitness routine, starting now will make you feel better come 2012.  As the days shorten, increasing the amount of exercise [...]

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Lycopene is Super Antioxidant


Tomatoes: In Season and In Health By Rebecca Taggart Echoing fall colors to come, the luscious red, yellow, and purple hues of heirloom tomatoes are at their height now, epitomizing the best qualities of summer, when ample sunshine causes tomatoes’ flavors to reach their zenith of sweet tartness. It is hard to imagine Mediterranean cuisine [...]

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P.M. Yoga

Woman Working With a Sore Neck

Afternoon Stretches Can Ease Computer Kinks By Rebecca Taggart Back at the computer after lunch, and starting to feel sleepy?  Are your neck and shoulders stiffening up? Does sitting hunched over feel uncomfortable?  Instead of reaching for coffee or M&Ms for a little pick-me-up, this is the time of day for releasing your upper back [...]

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Foods that Cool


Eat to Fight the Heat By Nicole Laverty, Registered Dietician Courtesy of Record temperatures and humidity across the country has made getting cool the name of the game.  While there is always air conditioning, the pool, or the good old-fashioned fan, there are other options to stay comfortable.  What you eat and drink can [...]

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The Stinking Rose: Garlic is Allium Family Hero


By Heidi Lewis Garlic comes in small, medium, large, colossal, and super colossal. Colossal should not be confused with the other giant — Elephant garlic. Elephant garlic is actually its own species, closely related to the leek, and another story. Allium satvium in all its varieties has been used for health benefits and flavor for centuries around the [...]

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Water Fitness: Swimming Great Exercise for all Ages


By Rebecca Taggart Swimming laps is fantastic exercise because it is both cardiovascular and strengthening. It uses all the body’s muscle groups and therefore gives a whole-body workout. It is also low impact, which benefits those with joint or weight limitations (or advanced pregnancy), yet a vigorous swim burns as many calories as running a 10-minute [...]

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Every Nutrition School has a Pyramid, Which One is Yours?


Which pyramid? By Pia Hinckle & Rebecca Taggart Nutrition pyramids are supposed to be graphical representations of a healthy diet. But whose? The latest guidelines issued by the U.S. government emphasize eating more fruits and vegetables and less fat, salt, and sugar, as we reported back in February.  But there are as many food pyramids [...]

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Dog is My Trainer


Long walks good for you and your dog By Pia Hinckle My chocolate Lab, Nessie, has just told me the secret to establishing a regular daily exercise regime: Walk the dog! If you’re lucky enough to have a household companion that needs to get out of the house, you can use this “chore” to help [...]

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Greeting the Sun: Sun Salutation is a Perfect Office Pick-Me-Up

yoga sun

By Rebecca Taggart June is the perfect month to thank the sun for its warmth and light as we near the longest day of the year, with the traditional yoga posture sequence Surya Namaskar, or the Sun Salutation. The sun salute is a vigorous yoga sequence with origins in the ancient Vedas, the oldest scriptures of [...]

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Vitamin B Family Essential and Plentiful in Food

vegetables b vitamin

To B6 or not to B4 By Rebecca Taggart Vitamin B is not just a vitamin, it’s a whole family of vitamins with numerous variations and all the little subscripts, such as B3 or B12.  Scientists originally thought the eight B vitamins were a single B vitamin critical for cell metabolism.  As subsequent research showed [...]

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